Direct Bank Deposit

The Bank Deposit Program
Kemoson offers an affordable service to its customers. Many times, our customers want to make sure that their funds are being deposited in their bank accounts. We take the burden to deposit your funds into your bank of choice. Kemoson will deposit your funds for you in your bank account and send you a receipt. Now you can relax and know that Kemoson will get it done. 

Customers interested in this services are required to contact Kemoson with their bank information. It's simple and the most reliable way to make sure your funds are being deposited and accounted for.

List of Banks in The Gambia where Kemoson can deposit your Money

  • Central Bank of The Gambia
  • FIB Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Trust Bank
  • PHB Bank
  • Access Bank
  • Guaranty Trust Bank
  • Echo Bank
  • AGIB Bank

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