Money Laundering Compliance

Kemoson complies with state and Federal law to help enforce and prevent money Laundering activities.

What is Money Laundering?
"Money laundering is the attempt to conceal the identity, or disguise the nature, location, ownership, source and or control of money". Federal and State law has written strict laws and regulations to help enforce and prevent money laundering activities.

Kemoson does not allow the use of our services to transfer funds for illegal activity. Without hesitation, Kemoson will stop any remittance suspect of illegal activity.

Kemoson has implemented an Anti Money Laundering program, appointed a compliance officer to oversee  Anti Money laundering activities and who also serves as a conduit between Kemoson, State, and Law Enforcement, which include but not limited to the following:

  • Reviewing and updating the AML compliance requirements
  • Ensuring ongoing compliance with Federal and AML regulations
  • Monitoring day to day compliance activities
  • Ensuring accurate record keeping
  • Cooperating with law enforcement
  • Ensuring accurate record keeping and speedy response to law enforcement
  • Ensuring training is conducted, recorded and facilitate independent reviews

If you have any questions or concerns about our Anti-Money Laundering Program or would like further information, please contact our customer service at (206) 554-1299 or via email